GIN Shaman 3

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The Shaman III, is more stable, lighter and safer. During the past few years, we worked hard on our R&D development to gather it all in just one kite, designed for all-level riders. Exploring with a kite has never been so accessible.


  • 29 closed cells
  • 4 closed cells at the end of the wing = less flapping in the high wind range and in aggressive rotations, cells cancel out the vibration
  • Skeleton of inter-cells on the whole kite = stronger shape = better performance, stability, power-depower, pull less in the bar,
  • The 5th line, it folds the kite in "accordion”, this makes it much easier to keep the kite on the ground in strong winds,
  • In resume : Very good performance, stability, drifting.

All this feature mean that the Shaman 3 is probably the more advanced single skin kite on the market. The power allows to choose one size under than the other and offer more agility for a better price (one size under).